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Welcome to our Community

Nestled in the rolling hills of the Great Plains of America’s Midwest near the Republican River, Franklin is a city surrounded by verdant farmland, native prairie, springs and creeks lined with massive walnuts, elms and cottonwoods where good old fashion home town values still exist!

At the same time, Franklin is ‘business friendly?and has the modern technology for telecommuting professionals, entrepreneurs and home-based businesses with high-speed wireless and DSL internet access, cell phone service and shipping services, all without the noise, crime, traffic jams and pollution of the big cities.

Named after Ben Franklin and settled by pioneers, this is the true home where the buffalo roam and the land of the Pawnee.  Some of the finest hunting to be found is right here, along with some of the most impressive migratory bird routes for geese, cranes and ducks which number in the tens of thousands in flocks that stretch as far as the eye can see.

So Welcome to Franklin!  Browse our website and get to know us a little better, then give us a visit and enjoy the Heartland of America.  You’ll be among friends...


This is Husker Country

The entire Franklin community and the whole State of Nebraska are filled with football fans, especially of the University of Nebraska CornhuskersGo Big Red!  You won’t find more excitement or enthusiasm for football in general and specifically for The Big 12 Conference and the competitiveness and rivalry that it brings each and every year.


A Brief Lesson in History

A brief history lesson about the Franklin Academy (1881 - 1922) will help explain one of the key factors contributing to the long term success of the City of Franklin (founded in 1870).  As important as the arrival of the railroad or being the county seat of Franklin County, the Franklin Academy helped put the City of Franklin in a position of dominance over rival towns in the south central part of the State of Nebraska.



Ingram Feed & Seed

Featuring apparel, farm and ranch, lawn & garden and pet supplies. Check out what you "Didn't know we had!"


Franklin County Memorial Hospital

Serving the area since 1952 with quality medical services and our new $4.1 Million expansion will offer even more.

800.753.2479 Toll-Free


State Farm Insurance

Kim Snavely, Agent
Providing Insurance and Financial Services
620?15th Avenue
P.O. Box 264
Franklin, NE 68939
308.425.3721 888.461.1042




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Ce n'est pas la m¨¦thode de choix que les ¨¦tats-Unis Nike Air Max Pas Cher utilisent en ce qui concerne le programme de drones. Tant qu'il y aura des pays qui ne sera pas face ¨¤ ceux qui voudraient causer d'autres dommages, les options diminuent et rapide. Serait-il pr¨¦f¨¦rable de mettre des bottes sur le terrain dans un autre pays, serait-il pr¨¦f¨¦rable de bombarder l'utilisation d'armes conventionnelles, serait-il pr¨¦f¨¦rable de jeter l'argent au probl¨¨me? Il n'y a pas de r¨¦ponses faciles, ces personnes au sein de la communaut¨¦ des relations ¨¦trang¨¨res disent n'est pas ce que l'Am¨¦rique devrait faire derri¨¨re un bureau ou un ¨¦cran d'ordinateur, il est facile de dire ce isn le chemin. Plut?t que de trouver ¨¤ redire ¨¤ la politique de peut-¨ºtre Chaussures Nike Air Max 2013 Soldes les ¨¦tats-Unis ayant les r¨¦ponses ¨¤ apporter des changements serait un meilleur endroit pour commencer. Il va encore ISN pour arr¨ºter les ennemis ¨¤ l'ext¨¦rieur des fronti¨¨res qui veulent faire du mal au pays, il peut y avoir un prix lourd ¨¤ payer en utilisant des drones. ¨¤ l'heure actuelle si c'est mieux que d'avoir des bombes partir dans la rue tous les jours. Qu'est-ce qui d¨¦finit ces terroristes en mouvement, ce qui rend les gens qui se convertissent ¨¤ c?t¨¦ radical de la religion islamique. (Vous pouvez trouver plus bas de ceux histoire de Santa Clara ¨¤ g¨¦n¨¦ralement la biblioth¨¨que principale.) Renseignez-vous aupr¨¨s d'un tas de de la ma?trise ¨¦galement ¨¤ chaque march¨¦ fermier le samedi plut?t que d'attendre jusqu'¨¤ ce que le dimanche affaire de moyenne. Ce droit au centre-ville G¨¦n¨¦ralement Santa Clara Agriculteur march¨¦ est votre ¨¦v¨¦nement toute l'ann¨¦e tous les samedis (¨¤ Jackson Street et / ou chemin Homestead dans le bureau de poste), avec Nike Air Max 90 Pas Cher une friandise sexy de fleurs bio et les l¨¦gumes verts ¨¤ frais tous les types de baies est s¨¦duisante et douce (avec de nombreux producteurs qui sont aussi pour l'agriculteur march¨¦ Campbell).
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I wish to exist once the small walnut will get not too Nike Free Shoes Sale young to keep another part of the hammock. We avoid wish to keep all of this, I wish to notice actually almost all happens to be ten, twenty, as well as three decades through right now. We have it. Help with regard to wellness functions by Molly Gentler, visitor tumblr and MPAID student Molly understand this area these days simply because the girl factor really does dual responsibility, each like a comments within the help discussion so that as an indication that this enhancements within wellness may straight result in raises within efficiency. Consequently wellness surgery might actually allow it to be simpler to get free from the actual Malthusian snare, insteading of making the actual snare even worse because lately stated through Greg Clark. Within Arvind Subramanian's current Wsj op erectile dysfunction, that started this particular cycle associated with blogs very first Cheap Nike Free 6.0 Shoes through Nancy Birdsall, accompanied by Dani Rodrik, and today once again through Arvind Subramanian this individual requires: really does help function as well as, during the actual occasions when it can accomplish the goals, will it coexisting perform injury to our economy? The previous issue, generally there appears to be small contract concerning the usefulness associated with help, other than in a single be noticeable field: wellness. Highlighting an identical belief indicated through Nicholas Kristoff in the current protection associated with help, Arvind creates there is "ample proof which overseas support assists battle illnesses within bad nations. inch Then he cites because proof an accumulation of carefully recorded successes within worldwide wellness known as "Millions Stored: Verified Achievements within Worldwide Nike Free Run 2 UK Cheap Wellness, inch that was released through the Middle with regard to Worldwide Advancement 7 years ago.
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He continued, "The Phoenix virus sheds nike blazer shoes light on how H.I.V. operates, but, more than that, on how we operate, and how we evolved. Many people study other aspects of human evolution¡ªhow we came to walk, or the meaning of domesticated animals. But I would argue that equally important is the role of pathogens in shaping the way we are today. Look, for instance, at the process of pregnancy and birth.'' Heidmann and others have suggested that without endogenous retroviruses mammals might never have developed a placenta, which protects the fetus and gives it time to mature. That led to live birth, one of the hallmarks of our evolutionary success over nike blazer high mens uk birds, reptiles, and fish. Eggs cannot eliminate waste or draw the maternal nutrients required to develop the largenike blazer mid men shoes brains that have made mammals so versatile. "These viruses made those changes possible,'' Heidmann told me. "It is quite possible that, without them, human beings would still be laying eggs."
H¡¤I.V., the only retrovirus that most people have heard of, has chep nike free run caused more than twenty-five million deaths and infected at least twice that number of people since the middle of the twentieth century, when it moved from monkey to man. It may be hard to understand how organisms from that same family, and constructed with the same genes, could have played a beneficial, and possibly even essential, role in the health and development of any species. In 1968, Robin Weiss, who is now a professor of viral oncology at University College London, found endogenous retroviruses in the embryos of healthy chickens. When he suggested that they were not only benign but might actually perform a critical function in placental development, molecular biologists laughed. "When I first submitted my results on a novel 'endogenous' envelope, suggesting the existence of nike free mens shoes uk an integrated retrovirus in normal embryo cells, the manuscript was roundly rejected,'' Weiss wrote last year in the journal Retrovirology. "One reviewer pronounced that my interpretation was impossible.'' Weiss, who is responsible for much of the basic knowledge about how the AIDS virus interacts with the human immune system, was not deterred. He was eager to learn whether the chicken retroviruses he had seen were recently acquired infections or inheritances that had been passed down through the centuries. He moved to the Pahang jungle of Malaysia and began living with a group of Orang Asli tribesmen. Red jungle fowl, an ancestor species of chickens, were plentiful there, and the tribe was skilled at trapping them. After collecting and testing both eggs and blood samples, Weiss was able to identify versions of the same viruses. Similar tests were soon carried out on other animals. The discovery helped mark the beginning of a new approach to biology. "If Charles Darwin reappeared today, he might be surprised to learn that humans are descended nike free womens uk from viruses as well as from apes," Weiss wrote.