Economic Development

Economic Development

Franklin is a 'business friendly' community with the modern technology for telecommuting professionals, entrepreneurs and home-based businesses. We have several reliable forms of broadband internet access, including DSL, Cable and Fixed Wireless. Choices for cell phone service, access to major shipping services, a low cost of living, access to regional airport service and a "low stress" life-style make Franklin an ideal spot to consider working from. All of these benefits come without the crime, noise, traffic jams and pollution of the big cities.

If you are interested in starting a new business, relocating or expanding an existing one, there are several important contacts you can make:

City of Franklin

The City of Franklin has the kind of progressive leadership that is interested in building for the future and partnering with businesses that will make the community stronger. Whatever your intentions in the world of business, contact the City of Franklin at 308.425.6295 to find out about city-owned land, industrial and commercial facilities or incentives that might be available for your business.

Franklin Area Development Corporation, Inc. (FADCO)

FADCO was created in 1993 as a for profit corporation to encourage economic development in Franklin. Membership dues and annual fees provide operating funds for the organization and its projects. Since its inception, FADCO has helped open a number of local businesses and assisted others with expansions and capital investments. Contact Jerrell Gerdes at 308.470.0576 for more information.

Extensive and detailed economic and demographic information about the City of Franklin can be obtained by visiting its NEDI Online Community "Fast Facts" Profile. The NEDI profile is maintained through a joint effort between the Nebraska Department of Economic Development and the Nebraska Public Power District.

The bottom line is that the City of Franklin and the community in general is very supportive of economic development in our area and are eager to discuss your business ideas and how we can be of help in making your business plan a success. Give us a call. We'd love to help! In the meantime, feel free to come out and visit and see what the "Best of the Good Life" is all about.

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