Nuisance Abatement Program: Coming Spring 2024

The Nuisance Abatement Program is Back for Spring 2024

The City of Franklin has teamed up with the South Central Economic Development District (SCEDD) to help make Franklin a clean community. Our yearly nuisance abatement program is back for spring of 2024! 

Why is the City Doing This?

Our community leaders feel that it's important to maintain a positive and clean environment for all citizens. Ensuring a clean community shows visitors and prospective residents that we care about where we live, and that leads to increased economic activity over time. Our goal is to make sure Franklin is always a wonderful place to live for our friends and neighbors, and we want to be welcoming to people considering Franklin as a place to live and work.

What May Be Declared a Public Nuisance?

Things that might be considered non-compliant with city ordinance include: Unlicensed/inoperable vehicles, disassembled vehicle parts, uncontrolled weeds, grass, trees, brush and branches, construction scraps, buildings in chronic disrepair, and vacant homes.

  • Unlicensed/inoperable vehicles
  • Disassembled vehicle parts
  • Uncontrolled weeds
  • Uncontrolled/tall grass
  • Excessive downed tree limbs
  • Uncontrolled shrubs or landscaping
  • Construction scraps
  • Buildings or homes in chronic disrepair
  • Vacant homes that are unkempt or unsightly

What Happens Next?

The City of Franklin has partnered with South Central Economic Development District (SCEDD) to assist us with this process, which will happen in three (3) phases: 

Phase 1: We will assess properties ahead of enforcement to give residents a chance to comply for free.

Phase 2: If residents whose properties have been given a courtesy notice have not complied, we will declare the offending property a nuisance.

Phase 3: The City will take proper steps to abate the nuisance in accordance with enforceable city ordinance.

For questions about our nuisance abatement program, please call City Hall at +1 (308) 425-6295 for more information.